"Beautiful beaded jewelry for the goddess in you."


The Mother Moon Gems story: I have always been drawn to minerals, gemstones and crystals. I've always believed in their healing and energy properties. In mid to late 2005 I was wanting to create something with my beloved stones that I could wear with me all the time. Fast forward to early 2006 when I had a car accident that put my hand out of commission right as I was about ready to start creating. Summer of 2006 found me in a new job that required I wear a visible identification badge. I got tired of the oversized shoelace they gave us and I wanted something beautiful. I created my first functional jewelry or lanyard. I designed it in Sodalite for the soothing and calming properties of my stressful job. Beading also proved to be good therapy for my recovering hand. My co-workers admired my beaded lanyards and wanted to know where I bought mine. When I explained that I had made them, they started placing orders for the pretty beaded lanyards. Word spread like wildfire and soon I was being asked to make matching bracelets, shorter necklaces to make sets and eventually earrings. And before I had a name or a website, Mother Moon Gems was born. My pieces have pushed and pulled me into business and success.

Now, Mother Moon Gems is also my path to a new life. I am hoping that the proceeds of sales of my products will allow me to get married to my wonderful fiance, the man of my dreams.

I am happy to do custom orders, I also make many pieces that have not been comissioned. Please e-mail me with any inquiries you might have on a comissioned piece. We are working to get a good secure shopping card system installed into the site so that I can facilitate sales of something you might like. Every piece I design is something I would want to wear, and often times need to make a second piece so that I can.


Until we can get the store opened I have started placing pictures of current items and custom orders as well as pictures of my own collection at my new Shutterly site:


Mother Moon Gems at Shutterfly


Please pardon our dust. We are currently under construction.

The store will be open soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or inquiries please contact:

Thank you.